Occupational Health & Safety Assistances Inc., Shanghai (hereinafter “OHSA”), incorporated in 2003, is the leading third party environment, health and safety (EHS) testing, evaluation and consulting company in China. The company has been listed in the national small and medium enterprise share transfer system (NEEQ) with the stock abbreviation OHSA and stock code 430319 on October 16th, 2013 upon the approval of CSRC and has been approved and identified as Hi-tech enterprise in November of the same year.

OHSA offers national laws, regulation and enterprise quality, resources management requirements based one-stop EHS testing, evaluation and consulting service on the fields of environment, occupational health, public hygiene, safety, resources management, quality of architectural project, radiation, clean room, central air-conditioning and drinking water.

The company national laws and regulations based testing and evaluation business, mainly focusing on Shanghai and Jiangsu has been expanded to many provinces and cities as Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Shaanxi, Beijing and Hubei; and consulting services based on management requirements has covered the whole region of Greater China. Affiliated to the Company are seven subsidiaries including Jiangsu OHSA Environment Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Anhui OHSA Environment Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tobler Quality Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou OHSA Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong OHSA Testing and Evaluation Technology Service Co., Ltd., Shanghai OHSA Data Technology Co., Ltd. and Hubei OHSA Data Technology Co., Ltd.

The company has always placed great emphasis on team building and talent cultivation and owns a powerful, skillful and experienced technology and management team, including 30 senior engineers, 49 intermediate engineers, 3 Doctors and 65 Masters, and over 60% of employees have bachelor degree or above.

OHSA has long term cooperation experience with transnational corporations, domestic enterprises, government and international organizations, and fully understands the economic transformation and reform of government function and assists customer to gain healthy and safe production and living environment with minimum investment.



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